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Pay attention!

Pay attention!

Many, many people will have adopted a new dog over the last few weeks.  A dog is a wonderful addition to the family, and will reward you with affection, companionship, and entertainment for years to come.  And adding a family member is so easy, people do it every day.

But a dog is also an individual with his/her own outlook on life, insecurities, and needs.  And unfortunately, we don’t understand each other as well as we would like.  If you are having problems, please don’t let it get worse – ask for help now!  Usually, it is easiest to deal with problems as soon as they emerge.  Once your dog has learned to act one way in your home, it is harder to “unlearn”.

When I adopted my first dog, we spent a long time miscommunicating with each other.   My mission is to help you and your dog communicate, so that you can have a happy and peaceful home.  It doesn’t matter if there are just 2 of you, or if your household consists of adults, children, and other pets.

At Eureka! Canine Behavior Specialists, we help people and their dogs.  “Improving your relationship with your dog – one paw at a time!”  I’ll be posting specific recommendations here on a regular basis – if you want to ask questions, take a look at the website and email or call us (or just respond to this post).

Topics I plan to cover – basic training, family hierarchy, exercise, nutrition.  So you don’t feel alone, I’ll tell you about some of my current and previous customers, the challenges they faced and how we overcame them.

Eureka! Canine Behavior Specialists is based in Collin County, Texas (in the Dallas/Fort Worth area).

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January 2, 2009 at 11:10 am

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