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Here’s a story with a happy ending from friend and customer, David.  His dog went off around the neighborhood in search of adventure, and they couldn’t find her.  She had ended up sitting on a local doorstep, where the homeowner found her.  Although this person did not know the dog, they guessed she was chipped, so they took her to the local 24 hour clinic.  The clinic simply scanned the dog, and was able to contact David.

A friend had an elderly cat that normally stayed in the house or yard, but who one day strayed to a neighbor’s house.  They did not know the cat, thought it was a stray, and took it to the vet.  Because it was an older cat, and not in the best of health, they agreed that the best thing to do was to euthanize it.

We worked with Robin and Matt getting a semi-wild dog to trust them so they could trap and adopt her.  They made an appointment to get her spayed, and decided to get her microchipped at the same time.  The day before she was due at the vet’s office, she jumped out of the car and ran away.  Incredibly, this story also has a happy ending – they put up signs and went looking for her every day near where they lost her, and more than 2 weeks later, they found her.  They did not wait to get her chipped that time!!

No matter how careful you are, or how well trained your dog is, there is always a chance that you will get separated.  Microchipping your dog can save its life.  Think of the worst-case scenarios.  If your pet is injured, who will make sure he gets veterinary care?  Some microchip companies will offer insurance to make sure that emergency care is covered even if they cannot contact you immediately.

So, well done, David!  Thanks for your reminder.  And thanks to the people who found her and made sure she was reunited with her family.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR PETS ARE MICROCHIPPED !!!  It’s not expensive, and it can make the difference between a sad loss and a happy reunion.  If you don’t know where to go, try the website – enter your zip code and they will give you a list of suggestions.  In Carrollton, Operation Kindness offers $15 microchipping on the last Sunday of each month – see their website

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January 8, 2009 at 5:25 pm

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