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Yesterday, Jan was taking the dogs to go for a walk, when she saw a dog st the side of the road, staggering and falling down.  After our dogs were safely home, Jan went back to the home and spoke with the owners of the dog.  From what she had seen, he was in significant pain and disoriented, having difficulty walking.  The owners did not seem sure what was going on, and did not seem interested in getting him help, so Jan called the vet office at 380 West in McKinney.  They offered to look at the dog if she could bring him in.

So, Jan talked with the owners and got their consent to take the dog to the vet and take any necessary action.  They were fine with that, as long as it would not cost them anything, and they fetched the dog.  The dog did not have a name, so Jan called him Jake.  She put him in her van and went to the vet.  By that time, she was pretty sure he was in the later stages of distemper, and after discussion with Dr. Shelton, the decision was to put him out of his considerable pain.

Jake was only 8 months old, and did not have a chance.  He had not had vaccinations, and distemper is a horrible disease, which could have been prevented.  If you have a chance to help educate your neighbors, please do so – we can all help save lives.

Many thanks to the good folks (especially Dr. Shelton and Elizabeth) at 380 West .  Jake couldn’t thank them, but we can.  Not only did they do the right thing for Jake, they also helped Jan by providing powerful disinfectant so she did not bring home the disease on herself or in the van.

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January 15, 2009 at 12:18 pm

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