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Congratulations, Graduates!

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Last Saturday, the Canine Good Citizen class at McKinney Community Center finished. The CGC is a formal certification process created by the AKC, ending in an evaluation (by another evaluator, not the person who has been involved in training!). Each of the dogs in the class had encountered different challenges. It was a fantastic event for me, because all but one of the students who wanted to take the class passed. I was very proud because I know that everyone put in a lot of work.

The CGC test is a great thing to determine whether your dog is well-mannered enough to be accepted by most people.  It is usually part of the criteria used by therapy dog organizations.  To pass the test, your dog must be able to do the following:-

  • Allow a friendly stranger to approach and speak to his handler.
  • Sit politely by his handler when a friendly stranger pets him.
  • Welcome being groomed and examined (e.g. by a vet or groomer).
  • Be under the handler’s control on a walk on the leash.
  • Walk through a crowd while on a leash.
  • Sit or down and stay in place while his handler walks away a short distance.
  • Come when called by his handler.
  • Behave politely around another dog and his handler when the two handlers approach and meet with the dogs on leash.
  • Behave confidently when faced with a common distraction (e.g. noise of something being dropped nearly, someone running across his path, etc.).
  • Stay calmly with a trusted stranger while his handler goes out of sight for 3 minutes.

These are all reasonable things for your dog to be able to do, so that your family, friends, neighbors, etc. feel confortable and safe around your dog.  Even if you don’t take the test, it’s worthwhile to look at your dog and see if he needs help in learning how to do them all well!

Written by eurekapaws

March 10, 2009 at 10:44 pm

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